WordPress is a popular website-building tool that we whole-heartedly recommend. First, because it allows us to build your site quickly, and second because it allows you to update the site once it is completed. Many of our clients find that they would prefer to have us do updates on the site, but the choice is yours. If you have a webmaster within your company who enjoys the more technical side of web authoring then we can train him or her on WordPress as it is used in your website. This is not a comprehensive course on WordPress, but enough to get you started, along with resources on where to grow your knowledge of this program.

In the Design Phase of building your website we will direct you to multiple websites filled with WordPress templates. In most cases you won’t find a template that exactly does what you need, but it will be close enough to begin work. We can provide custom PHP coding to adapt the template as needed. WordPress is designed using a database, which must be built within your hosting environment. We will work with your hosting company to ensure that WordPress can be used and that you have adequate access to the necessary accompanying database. If the site must be moved, exporting and then re-importing the database is included in our services.