Keeping your customers informed and engaged in what’s happening with your company and industry is a great way to increase sales and build customer loyalty. Blogs and newsletters don’t have to be lengthy, but they do need to be well-written, relevant and respectful of your customers’ preferences. Send them too often and you risk getting sent to the junk mail folder. Send them too infrequently and your customer may have already moved on to your competitor’s blog or newsletter.

The purpose of blogs and newsletters is to keep your company visible to your customers. Customers appreciate timely information, especially if it involves changes in their industry or special pricing deals. Coupons work well in both newsletters and in social media. We strongly recommend at least a monthly touch with your customer base. More frequently if your customers are highly engaged in your industry or buy your products frequently.

Most companies have a difficult time keeping consistent with blogs and newsletters. That’s why we recommend letting us take on this responsibility. We can keep your email list current, and even expand it. We can prompt you for news or sales information. We can interview sources in your company then write and publish your information on a regular basis. Turnkey blogs and newsletters are one of our specialties, plus they are cost-effective to you.