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Social media has changed the landscape of marketing for every company. Your customers prefer a more casual relationship with you. One that builds a relationship of trust and friendship. Facebook is ideal for speaking personally with your customers. Encouraging them to post photos or comment on your Facebook site creates a two-way communication providing you with valuable insight into your customers’ lives. Companies were somewhat reluctant to embrace this new medium because it feels like you are losing control over your corporate image. Remember you can moderate comments on the page, but don’t be afraid of healthy criticism. Responding promptly and honestly to customer comments shows them you care. You are willing to risk public scrutiny in order to give them the best service in your industry.

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Twitter and RSS Feeds are easy ways to stay in front of your customer base, however they require constant monitoring. Most companies do not have the manpower to update news feeds or tweet several times a day. We can help you with this process by providing you with an account manager dedicated to publishing and replying to news about your company in 140 characters or less.

icons_linkedLinkedin is a professional networking association that provides both credibility for your firm and inside information on your competitors. It’s a great place to check out potential employees and can be used much the same way Facebook is for disseminating industry news and building relationships with your customers. Here again, we can help you find the delicate balance between showcasing your company assets without tipping off your competitors to confidential company information. Keeping your Linkedin profile general, professional and attractive is our goal.

Leveraging these social media in an overall Social Media Campaign is what we call Relationship Marketing. Let us help you set a course that taps into the potential of each of these outlets.